MedOp Inc.
Dedicated to Vision & Total Body Health

MedOp Inc. is a licensed, FDA approved, and certified Current Good Manufacturing Practices dietary supplement manufacturer. The company is dedicated to developing progressive, cutting edge products for ocular health and overall well-being. In addition to these activities, the company also provides nutraceutical contract manufacturing services at its headquarters in Oldsmar, Florida. During 2005 MedOp Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary, honoring a tradition of offering quality products manufactured with the finest ingredients and delivering first-class customer service.

Founded in 1985 as Medical Ophthalmics Inc. by Rodney O. Horton, O.D. and  James P. Gills M.D., the company changed its name in 2005 to MedOp Inc. Originally Medical Ophthalmics Inc. marketed its own line of ophthalmic generic pharmaceuticals to eye doctors.  The product line quickly expanded to include name brand pharmaceuticals from all of the major manufacturers as well as miscellaneous ophthalmic suppliers. 

In 1994 Dr. Horton became the company’s sole owner and in early 1997 started developing the MAXIVISION® and MAXIFLEX® product lines. The MAXIVISION® and MAXIFLEX® products are based on medical studies published in peer reviewed medical journals and were designed to help patients with sight-threatening eye diseases, joint conditions and to help prevent chronic diseases. MAXIVISION® was developed to help protect against macular degeneration and help to maintain overall eye health while MAXIFLEX® was developed for joint problems.

MedOp Inc. continues to produce natural products to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and aid in preventing chronic diseases. In 2005 the company will be introducing elppA® dietary supplements, a new line of nutraceuticals developed for total body health.

Committed to producing innovative products for optimal health and well-being. MedOp Inc. strives to offer products which represent the latest research and developments in nutraceutical understanding based on recent published medical studies. As a customer focused company, all MedOp Inc.'s products are manufactured with the finest natural ingredients at elemental concentrations for maximum health benefits.  The company's mission is to provide eye care professionals and consumers with an extensive selection of healthcare products of the highest quality and standards.

Manufacturer & Distributor of MaxiVision® & MaxiFlex®